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Kamping Puoy Lake

Today Kamping Puoy Lake is a large recreational lake located between two hills, and is popular with locals at weekends enjoying the pleasant views, picnic spots, swimming, and renting boats to explore the lake. However, the current tranquility belies the fact that Kamping Puoy was one of the Khmer Rouge’s grander schemes – a massive hand built dam stretching for about 8km between the two hillsides. It is said that as many as 10,000 Cambodians perished during its construction, worked to death under the shadow of executions, malnutrition and disease. There is no monument to these victims however the defunct irrigation system from the reservoir has recently been restored and the much needed water now feeding the surrounding rice fields makes a fitting memorial. If you are a keen bird watcher there is the possibility to see various birds, such as herons, egrets, pygmy cotton geese, whistling ducks, and lily trotters amongst others. Kamping Puoy is 36km south west of Battambang down a rough road that starts just beyond Phnom Sampeau.